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Covid-19 pandemic assessment:

During the initial shut down, schools abided the governor’s orders with closing for quarantine and developing distant education programs. Some did this well, others were woefully inadequate.  Now schools are allowed to apply for waivers by demonstrating they can operate safely. SJUSD has not taken real effort to create the safety protocols or environment to take advantage of these waivers even though the majority of private schools have successfully done so. Schools serves three major functions: academic learning, social interactions, and mental development—none of these roles are properly addressed by the district's response. K-6 as well as 7-12 grade students have struggled with learning deficiencies, social isolation, and mental and physical health issues. Stubborn racial and social inequities in our educational systems have worsened due to the lack of social interaction. The resource gap affects low income families which represents nearly a half of the San Juan School District students. This means around 50 percent of students are unable to meet their basic school requirement via distance learning. Inadequate responses of the district to the shutdown causes fear, frustration and stalls learning progress.